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Number Virtual

If you or your company require national or international presence, you may assign one or more virtual numbers of any city to your Voipeer account so you will be able to receive phone calls no matter where you are

Receive calls from loved ones and friends anywhere in the world with the cost of a local phone call for the person calling.

Having a virtual number in different parts of the world will multiply the chances of potential international customers to call your company. Your new phone number instantly broadens your market, thus increasing your earning potential and improve customer satisfaction.

The countries currently supported are shown below. Values ​​are charged monthly in USD.

 Algeria $10  Francia $4   Panama $5
 Argentina $5  Georgia $5   Peru $5
 Australia  $5  Germany $4   Poland $5
$5  Grecia
$4  Portugal  $4 
 Bahrain $10       Guatemala $5  Puerto Rico $4
 Belgium  $4  Hong Kong $5   Romania  $5 
 Brazil  $5  Hungary  $5   Russian Federation $8
$4  Ireland $4        Singapore  $5 
 Canadá $4  Israel
$4  Slovakia  $4 
 Chile $5   Italy $4  Slovenia  $4 
 China  $5  Japan  $5   South Africa
 Colombia $13.5   Latvia $4  Spain  $4
 Costa Rica
$5   Liechtenstein $14  Sweden  $4
 Croatia $4   Lituania $4   Switzerland  $4
 Cyprus $5   Luxembourg  $5       Taiwan $5
 Zcech Republic $4  Malaysia $5   Thailand 
 Denmark  $4      Malta $5  Turkey  $10
 Dom. Republic
$5  Mexico  $5  Ukraine  $15
      El Salvador $5  Netherlands $5  United Kingdom 
      Estonia $4  New Zealand $5  United States
 Finland $5  Norway $4  Venezuela

Virtual numbers can also be used to add them to a virtual telephone exchange or ippbx and get extensions anywhere in the world. A Virtual Pbx can have different virtual numbers from different countries or cities and can be diverted to any mobile or fixed number. A virtual number can have a minute plan assigned to make calls and send messages. For more information please check in  https://www.voicetophone.com.