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Chat away for free!... With Voipeer you can send unlimited text messages to your friends with delivery confirmation.

Free Instant Messaging

Make free calls to other Voipeer users all over the world. Take your time and talk as long as you want.

Free Calls Voipeer -to- Voipeer

Voipeer App allows you to make international calls at the lowest rates to friends and family who do not have Voipeer. Check Yourself !

International Calls

Share special moments and stay in touch with family and friends anywhere via free video calls between Voipeer users.

Free Video Calls

Where’s the party? Share your Map location with just one click with your Voipeer friends. Also, when sending their own location, a user can select his position or choose any other location from the map.

Locatión Share

No more geographic limits. Your Virtual Number is valid worldwide. Buy your Virtual number and receive calls on your mobile like you´re in another country, with the cost of a local phone call for the person calling. Ver mas

Virtual Number

No problem if your friends don’t have Voipeer installed yet. Start telling them about the free app and if they have an iPhone or Android device send them an invitation so you can start calling and texting them for free.

Find friends

Share Media lets you quickly send photos and videos to an Voipeer friend. You can choose a pre-existing photo or video, or take one on the fly, simply attach it to the message and send it free.

Sending Media files

Voipeer does everything! It syncs with the contact list of your mobile phone and detects which contacts have Voipeer.

Integration with Contact List

Record your own welcome greeting and get voicemails in Mp3 format via email.

Friendly Voicemail

How do you feel? When words are not enough, send a smiley is the best way to express ourselves. Make your chats livelier and fun!

Funny emoticons

When the text is not enough, record an audio message and send it to a voipeer friend for free.

Voice and Audio messages

Integrate your Facebook and Google+ contacts with Voipeer. (iOS devices only)

Integration with social networks

You turned off your Mobile? No problem. Incoming calls and messages notifications come even when the application is closed. Voipeer will notify you about every friend who has just joined Voipeer, too.

PUSH support

Advanced Call Options