Voipeer - Free Messages, Free calls & Video Calls for iPhone, iPad, iPod and Android


Once you and your friends install Voipeer, phone calls, video calls and messaging to anyone else Voipeer are "Free", wherever you are, and also lets you share files, photos, audio, video clips and much more.

Voipeer is Free!

Voipeer App has all in one, ie with Voipeer, not have to use different applications to use VoIP services. In addition we are rich in features that our competition does not bring yet.

Our application provides high-definition sound and video quality call, so you can talk face to face with the world for free, even when you´re in a different country. When using Voipeer can send photo files, video and audio during a call to all your friends. You can also customize Voipeer. You can create a custom avatar for use as public profile picture or share your status with your friends. Voipeer shows when a contact is online, when offline, and when writing (push notification). It also has emoticons that make it easy to talk with your loved ones, colleagues and friends.

Dare to install Voipeer!

No,  it Voipeer is totally free and does not require additional costs.

Once you have downloaded Voipeer from your Smartphone, you will receive an access code via SMS or via callback to activate Voipeer. The access code ensures that you are the master of your mobile phone number you have registered and prevents others from obtaining your access code and make calls with your caller ID.

If the SMS has not reached, press the BACK button and get the SMS again. If the problem persists choose the second option below will show you the option of receiving a call and our system will tell you the code. Please look for the code, if there is still a problem, write to support@voipeer.com to help.

No registration required. Voipeer uses your phone number as your identity, so you can call other users for free Voipeer!

Voipeer currently supports Android, iPhone, iPod touch and iPad. We are working to add more devices.

When the connection has been established properly you’ll see a green icon in the top right corner of the keypad screen. Otherwise the icon will turn grey. In such a case make sure you are properly connected to 3G, WIFI , EDGE or GPRS.

No ,Voipeer using "PUSH notifications", therefore Voipeer does not have to be open in order to receive calls.  If you have trouble with this, log in to your Smartphone:  Settings, Notifications, select the application "Voipeer" and make sure everything is ON (1).

It is not necessary to do so, Voipeer does everything for you, using the address book of your phone and synchronizes it with the contact list Voipeer automatically, so you can see all the contacts of the device also on Voipeer.

You just have to invite your friends, colleagues and loved ones by any means, even you can do within the  Voipeer App using text messages, email, facebook or twitter. Remember, the more friends you have with Voipeer App,  more  calls, messages, and video calls, you can make for free .

Of course, Voipeer also allows you to call domestic or international destinations with the lowest rates on the market without contracts or permanences, you just have to recharge a little balance from your Voipeer App and call anywhere.

Of course, you can also chat with your Facebook friends and Google Talk for free via Social Hub using Voipeer.

Yes, some mobile service providers in some countries such as Syria, Oman, UAE, Belize, etc., may be blocking access to VoIP applications like Voipeer. If this is the case, this will affect your ability to Voipeer. Unfortunately there is no way to avoid the configuration of your provider. The best course of action would be to contact your provider, ask why they are blocking Voipeer. Please send this information to support@voipeer.com

Your Voipeer profile is public , which means that your friends and people you can find in search can see your profile information, your avatar and state.

Yes, you can add, change or remove any information in their profile Voipeer. You can also set up status  or change your public avatar. Simply click on the My Profile in MORE section.